No event is an island

Events are not about one person. It may be a wedding, or a fundraising event and even though there is one client (the bride and groom, a corporation, a charity, whatever), there is not one person who makes it happen. There is a team of dedicated professionals behind the scenes running around checking Fedex delivery times, hand making 330 James Bond bow ties and taking care of the little details you won’t or don’t want to even think about.

All those moving pieces need to come together (almost) seamlessly for the finished product to be a success. You may never know that the linen you ordered got held up at customs and I had to purchase a second set of the identical linen and have it shipped overnight priority for Saturday morning delivery by Fedex and then rush to the Fedex depot at the airport and wait for it to come in so that we could deliver it to your venue like nothing was wrong. Side note: we have lots of cobalt blue 90″ rounds in stock if anyone should need them now though.

Things happen while working on events that even after over 15 years in the industry I still don’t believe. You can have a plan A, B, C and then all of a sudden you are wondering why you didn’t have a plan M. I am incredibly proud of the work we do and while most people usually see me or my husband representing the business there are so many more people behind us that make it possible for us to do what we do.

Our families are a huge part of the business whether they are in the back in charge of quality control or watching our kids while we are doing setups, we couldn’t have been in business the past 7 years without them. I can still picture our entire family (me, Scott, his mom, brother and my mom) in our kitchen and living room hand ironing linens and a 75′ satin aisle runner until the wee hours of the morning so we could deliver them the next morning. Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant?

Then there are the venues, planners, decorators, and other industry professionals who we rely on and in turn rely on us. The Ottawa community is small, your reputation almost always precedes you and despite social media advertising, word of mouth is a big part of making or breaking you.

This past week we were honoured by the Ottawa Wedding community and it really got me thinking. At the awards gala we were surrounded by great friends and colleagues, and we were genuinely shocked to win. The kind words and out-pouring of support we have received has been surreal. As I was walking home from work trying to think of what to write for this post I realize that although we don’t always see it, we are part of the bigger picture.

The little things we do have a ripple effect and are far-reaching. Our little piece of the event puzzle is important. We were among some great nominees and it may sound cheesy but it was truly an honour just to be nominated. Although it was great to be recognized individually it was thrilling to have been part of the team that received the award for Best Wedding of the Year (Ottawa).

Ottawa Wedding of the Year team
Ottawa Wedding of the Year team

In the event industry, everyone brings something different to the table. I’m lucky, I love my job (well, almost every day). One of the reasons is that the other event providers here in the city are so well-respected and so talented. It is pretty cool to be included in that group of people. No event is an island by itself, in fact, every supplier is part of the event. If an event fails we have all failed, but if it succeeds then we have all pulled together and made it happen.


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