The Wedding Planner

I have been giving a lot of thought to writing this blog. What do I have to “say” that could be different or unique from the other professional bloggers out there. I know there are blogs about wedding trends, new styles, color combinations and the lists go on and on. I can’t contribute to those topics. I mean, I can, but I wouldn’t have anything new to add to the conversation. There are truly talented wedding planners and stylists and I leave those themes to them.

I have joked for some time about writing down all the stories and challenges I have encountered as a planner/supplier, and it seems that when I talk to fellow industry professionals we all seem to have similar thoughts. Our real life stories would make for great reality TV that most people wouldn’t believe.

When you say you are a wedding or event planner, people immediately think of Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”. I wish my job was anywhere near that glamorous but I can’t really think of any instances when I get to run around in Jimmy Choos and look perfectly coiffed. Yes I do always have a phone in hand but that is where the similarities end. I do clean up alright, but when I am working I need to be in clothes that I can move in. Flats and pants are more practical when climbing ladders, driving trucks or rearranging chairs. I have spent my fair share of time in storage units, in the back of trucks and in fields picking up garbage, none of these places required heels – just work gloves and sunscreen.

The picture perfect end result (a magical wedding or successful fundraising walk or gala) makes up such a small percentage of what I actually do as a planner, it is almost an after thought. You spend months planning every detail of the event that when the day actually comes you just let it happen and be prepared for the things out of your control (people and weather – neither which you can predict). It’s too late the day of the event to make changes you just have to ride it out and stay calm.

If you think you should get in to event planning because of the parties you can go to, you may want to think again. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the hard work come together to make my clients vision a reality but I don’t do my job because I love the spotlight and being in front of the crowds, far from it. What I really love is the process of pulling it all together and the challenge of making the near impossible happen. “You need a marching band for that media launch next week – let me make a call”. “How do we get permission to put portable toilets on Parliament Hill – no problem”. The more challenging a request, the bigger the vision, the more excited I get to take a bite out of the project.

Event planning (in my humble opinion) is getting your hands dirty and figuring out how to put all the moving pieces together to make a masterpiece.


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