The case of the missing MOB

This past weekend was a bit of a first for me. I was part of an event that has been over a year in the making, with one of the most fabulous couples I have had the pleasure of working with. I am writing this blog as I sit in my car between group arrivals for their pre-wedding day of relaxation. The day started off perfectly. All guests arrived early to be ushered in by the concierge and the relaxing could begin right on schedule.

Since cell phones aren’t allowed in the spa I parked myself in the parking lot with my phone and laptop to make sure everything else going on with our other events was going as planned.

Since I have time between group arrivals I figure I have time to run and pickup some last minute printing that was ready. As I am getting my stuff together, I get a text from the bride saying that her mother hadn’t yet picked up the flowers. This starts the ball rolling. The mother of the bride (MOB) had been leaving at 9am to get these flowers and it is now 11:30am. The bride is now concerned since the flowers have been her mom’s focus and if she doesn’t have those flowers then something must have happened. Of course none of us can reach her on her cell phone. Since the florist closes at noon, I am on the move and headed to get the flowers so at least we have those.

While in transit I am getting texts from the bride who is hiding in the bathroom to use her phone. We make a plan, I will get the flowers to her house and if I can’t find her mom then I will start calling hospitals.

My mind was running through all the possible options I could come up with. In all my years, I have never actually lost a person. I may have had walkers goes off route but we have always found them. I am thinking what am I going to do if I can’t find the mother of the bride (she is kind of important for the big day). I have plenty of time to think about this as I get to sit in construction traffic. At least I am moving and doing stuff, I find that my anxiety level skyrockets if I just have to sit and wait on other people. Sometimes waiting is inevitable I’m just not good at it, I like to think I’m a doer. Doing things calms me down to some degree in stressful situations.

I get to the bride’s house, and the car her mom is driving is sitting in the driveway. I cautiously approach the front door, cell phone in hand. Hoping for the best, and praying not to find the worst case scenario, I ring the doorbell and the MOB opens the door. I can literally feel my whole body breathe a sigh of relief.

It turns out she had been by to pick up the flowers, but she had only been given two of the three boxes. The warehouse had called the bride to let her know there were still flowers there, not knowing some had already been picked up and that had started this whole frantic “what if” situation. She had been working on the flowers and her phone was on silent and when she had just checked she had a slew of frantic texts and voice mails from everyone (myself included).

It’s funny how your mind automatically jumps to the worst case possible especially when you are under stress. So now I will sit back and wait until the next call/text to get me moving once again. On events I find it is a lot of hurry up and wait and then you just have to get it done. I wonder if I can sneak in a little spa relaxation while I wait for the next emergency?! A girl can dream right?!


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