The Witching Hour

This weekend was a first for us in a very long time. We were almost a normal family with a whole day off on a weekend. This may sound like not a big deal to most people but for us it was incredible and strange at the same time. Neither Scott, nor myself can actually remember when we have both been off together on a weekend. We did normal family stuff like hockey practice and dance class, raking leaves and cleaning out the garage. It sounds mundane and completely boring but it was AWESOME! Our kids loved it. They don’t mind time away from deliveries and sparkles, well a little time away is okay in their minds but not too much.

The problem was the entire time we kept saying it was a little too quiet and eerie. We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and our semi-normal family time would end. But nothing happened, the weekend came and went without incident.

With rentals there is a point of time that once you get past it you are in the clear. The time when all the events should have started and any frantic calls would have come and gone. A moment when you can breathe a little easier and look ahead to clean ups and product returns. Yippee!

The week shaped up nicely, nothing too crazy in terms of late night removals, weekend meetings or short setup windows. All week we waited for something to happen, and it didn’t. We were all a bit on edge. We let some of the staff pack it in early on Friday, trying to let everyone recharge their batteries after a gruelling summer. The phone wasn’t ringing it was all odd. And then at 4:20pm (40 minutes before we officially close) the first phone call comes in. One of our venues needs 22 linens plus some odds and ends for an event they were currently setting up, okay not so bad despite having to fight rush hour traffic to get to them. I pack up my car and head out. While on route, I get the call that there is another last minute call. Another client needs to 3 table runners to an order that they had already picked up. They were on their way to the shop and would we wait for them? We say okay. It turns out that was the extent of it. There were no crazy forgotten events (my worst nightmare that always leaves my stomach anxious), no frantic texts late in the evening, absolutely nothing. We somehow managed to get it all done on Friday and be normal people. What was happening??

The delusion may be that we had just been part of 2 big galas on the Thursday and Friday evenings of this “quiet” week, why is it that charity events always take so much out of you? These two events entertained just over 1000 people, so there was high expectation to deliver. The exhaustion may have blurred and made us forget all the prep work that went in to the time off. In events, I think we are always prepared for the worst case scenario possible and then when it doesn’t happen we are almost shocked. And then it all seems much too easy. It’s still best to stay on your toes, though every now and then it is nice to put them up and relax a little.

From galas....
From galas….
... to gravel pits.
… to gravel pits.

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