Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to drop you a quick note with a question that has been nagging me lately. Have you ever thought of including warning labels with your pins? Yes, I am like the millions of others who have Pinterest accounts and pin magical, wonderful images to my various boards. I dream of creating those picture perfect moments and then being able to share the results. But Pinterest, you lie. Perhaps lie is too strong a word. It is more like giving us regular folk false hope and blinding us with sparkly objects. I look at these images and think “YES I CAN DO THAT”. Because I am often too stubborn to realize how much effort it will take, I plow through and do my best to interpret the pictures I have deemed worthy to try and recreate.

I do believe there are some great ideas out there that have been shared and I am always floored by people’s creativity and it is a great place for inspiration but I think what makes things complicated in this one-sided relationship my dear Pinterest, is that you forget to fill us in on some of the major details of the photo shoots.

We, like many other event people, are quite use to hearing “I saw this on Pinterest and this is exactly what I want”.  The client pulls up their Pinterest board and proceeds to show picture after stunning picture of a variety of eclectic themes. From vintage romance, to 20s glam, rustic farmhouse, to modern chic. While it is great to love all these things, it may be challenging to get them to all fit cohesively in to your event vision. This now becomes a matter of editing your vision. You can’t have it all so you have to pick what will be the best fit for you and the event you want to have. Pinterest, you just keep giving and giving there is no end to search results for classic weddings or in my case children’s birthday party themes (please see my previous post about My Secret Shame).

I recently read an article that said that the wedding industry and the experts are to blame for brides increased budgets and stress saying that the industry pushes couples in to bigger more stressful weddings than they really want. Years ago the appropriate length of an engagement was a few months and the suggested TO DO list was minimal, perhaps a dozen things to complete. That has changed to a suggested engagement period of over 12 months and a massive TO DO list that can be intimidating, often broken down by a monthly countdown check list up until the Big Day.

I think this is a myth that the wedding professionals are pushing this change. The wedding industry vendors/suppliers are changing to meet the demands of their clients and trying to keep up. Our clients are coming to us heavily influenced by the media. Beautiful glossy magazines, reality tv shows, and celebrity weddings imply that these massive productions are the norm and that you need to do this to have an acceptable wedding. Nowhere are costs mentioned. So when new brides come in and dreamily present page after page of stunning florals, custom linens and unique twists they are often not prepared for the price tag that comes along with those elements.

Most wedding vendors are small businesses, they are not large corporations. When they give you a quote they are not trying to make their retirement off a single order. I know that we do not want to push anyone in to a decision they are not comfortable with. We want to work within the budget that has been set. We have access to fantastic manufacturers who can make almost anything so it is possible to get those exotic looks but if you are looking at a custom color sequin linen do not be shocked when it costs more than a basic polyester table cloth. There are creative ways to work within your budget to achieve certain themes and experiences but be realistic, $500 worth of flowers may not look like $5000. It can and will still be beautiful if you are true to yourself and realize the difference between reality and reality tv.

Over the top wedding reception
Over the top wedding reception
Pinterest wedding image
Pinterest wedding image

So Pinterest, my wonderfully creative friend, the one who always has the cool shoes and makes everything look too easy, you put the rest of us to shame. Thank you for inspiring me and challenging me to do my best, but knock it off already I can’t keep up!



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