The Best Day Ever!

We, like most businesses in the Ottawa event industry, are asked to be part of a variety of events each year. In the next few months I am really excited about a few that we are going to do. We have gotten involved with various community groups and different types of events for personal reasons over the years and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to give back to these groups that contribute in real ways to people in our community. Each of these events is so completely different it is just fun to be a part of them. *We are part of even more community events, these are just the ones I have been working on recently and by no means did I mean to not include any of the worthwhile groups we are proud to support.

In the New Year I am excited to be coordinating the logistics for the 65 Roses Gala that benefits Cystic Fibrosis ( This is a cause that is close to me personally and I can’t wait to get my creative juices flowing and come up with a fun event that is going to really wow gala goers. We have already been meeting and the pieces are coming together. “Red is the New Black” is going to be the talk of the town February 28 at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. We have made changes from previous years and the entire organizing team is pretty excited about what we have planned for this year.

MME Team at 2014 65 Roses CF Gala
MME Team at 2014 65 Roses CF Gala

At the end of January, I am part of a group that will be organizing the second annual Bruce House Kitchen Party ( Last year we put on a Newfoundland Kitchen Party and this year we are going to transport guest to the other side of Canada to produce a Western themed evening. I can’t wait to dust off my cowboy hat and work with this inspiring group of volunteers again this year. They keep me energized and remind me why I love being an event planner. We get to come up with really cool ideas and then make them happen. What better way to warm up at the end of January then with local breweries and great live music?

Newfoundland Ktichen Party
Newfoundland Kitchen Party

We continue to play a small part in the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Black Tie Bingo each April ( This is going to be the fourth year we have been involved. Last year we actually got to attend and though I didn’t get to call out BINGO, I have been practicing and feel confident I have stepped up my game. I love their idea concept and it is so popular it becomes a waiting list only for tickets if you don’t snap them up right away. I forgot how much fun BINGO can be and I love to see how serious people get when it is time to pull out their daubers. Their team has already been in to the showroom and later this month I am heading to Perth to do the site walk through and work through a few new décor ideas. Each year they create a new theme and with this being the 5th year of the event they are pulling out all the stops.


This coming weekend I will be celebrating the 30th year of Ronald McDonald House ( in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier with my fellow committee members and numerous House sponsors. I found the perfect red shoes today for this Red Tie/Red Shoe Gala. We have been working for almost a year to pull the pieces together and I know they are excited and it is going to be a night to remember and also to remind people of how much RMH does for our community and beyond, it is truly the House that Love Built. I have also almost finished the 220+ individual red bow ties for the napkins (remember it is all in the details)! The evening will be full of surprises with great entertainment sure to delight.

A bowl full of bow ties
A bowl full of bow ties

The last event on our roster is something new for us this year. We were approached by Toast Events to be part of #TeamToast for the first Ottawa Wedding Showdown aka The Best Day Ever ( I am sure you are thinking what in the name of God is a wedding showdown? I know I thought that at first but it is a really unique concept for an event. Instead of a trade show where people get overwhelmed by booths and people selling themselves and their services, potential clients can check out local vendors showcasing their best work in an actual wedding setting.

There are two themes, I can’t reveal too much and wreck the big unveil on November 15, and all the vendors are different for both teams. That means there are 2 DJs strutting their stuff, 2 officiants leading the vow renewals for the different couples, 2 different décor designs, 2 different photobooth companies, 2 photographers capturing the evening and the list goes on and on, you name it and you are going to see it at the Museum of Nature. It is almost like 2 weddings on steroids – we are taking the best of the best in the city and doing it all at the same event.

Sneak peak of our inspiration for BDE
Sneak peak of our inspiration for BDE

I can only comment on what Mastermind is contributing to the event but from the ideas/vision/concept of our team leader, it is going to be awesome to see everyone bring their A game and deliver something cool for the Ottawa event industry. We have been inspired to create something that I feel is elegant, timeless and breathtaking. We are incorporating the color pallet through different styles and textures of linens which should create a really interesting visual experience for the brides and grooms and will it progress from room to room for the different parts of the event (ceremony, reception, dancing).

Even though we are in competition with #TeamSparks I’m excited to see how they will be approaching their design theme. It will be pretty cool to see how each team is using their vendors and their specialties to pull together a unified finished product. There are a lot of pieces to the big puzzle we are all putting together and every vendor plays an important role on the team.

I’m not being biased at all but I think #TeamToast is going to pull in a victory. I have never seen a group of service providers collaborate so seamlessly and we are literally going to blow the socks off the guests who attend. I love the team mentality and everyone wants to contribute to make it a team win. If this event does nothing else, it is going to show that Ottawa has a large selection of vendors that can produce one of a kind events with a high caliber of professionalism and quality.

It may not seem like a big deal but I’m pretty proud of our little company (that started in our garage) for being included in this caliber of Ottawa professionals. And last but not least, #TeamToast is going to kick butt.


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