I Should Have Joined the Circus for All the Juggling I do

I think I am like many working moms out there who are constantly feeling like they are pulled in many different directions. I love my children beyond words. They have fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) have grown up around our business. This is the life they were brought in to, and each of them loves something different about it.

Our little guy loves the delivery trucks, the warehouse and figuring out how to make things work. He is happiest going out on deliveries and pickups. He is just as recognizable as any of us when it comes to our business. He has even done TV appearances. Our daughter on the other hand, isn’t as big a fan of getting dirty, she likes to wrap herself up in sparkly linens and twirl around. She woke up just the other morning very concerned about her wedding flowers, maybe she will be more about the little details?! To each their own.

Maybe he found another career
Maybe he found another career

The benefit of them constantly being around adults is that for the most part they know how to behave when in a fancy hotel or out in public. They realize that mommy and daddy have to work and work hard and I truly hope that this will be something they carry in to their own lives. If I can teach them the value of hard work and doing your best, then I may just be doing an okay job as their mom.

I realize how truly fast they are growing up, such a cliché statement but I often get so wrapped up in the day to day of the business I forget to take a breath and enjoy what we have. We are so busy juggling a growing business and our family it feels like we never quite find that balance.

This past weekend was typical, we were trying so hard to find the work/life balance and it is stressful. Our little guy had an ear ache Friday night so we decided to forgo the early morning hockey practice, instead we packed them both up and headed to the shop where Scott finished painting and I did a 10am consult. I proceed to change our daughter in to her dance clothes and run her to 11:30 ballet, I waited until my mom could tag me out at 12:15 for the hip hop class, so that we could meet up with friends for the hockey game. I know this isn’t a critical element to the day but HOLY CRAP it was hard to try and get there and I was constantly texting to apologize for running later and later. We did get there and did manage to get a few hours away. The fun of all that was that we got to come home and try to sleep so that we could do a 4am trade show setup. That means you are at the warehouse at 2am if you are Scott and 3am if you are me. It doesn’t help that we didn’t get all the details for the trade show firmed up until 3:59pm Friday afternoon.

There were 4 of us standing in the warehouse waiting for the truck to start. It doesn’t fail that when we are all loaded the truck won’t start. We got it going arrived and finished everything in under 2 hours. We went home to try and sleep a little because I had to catch a 1:42pm train to Montreal. I had been asked to be part of a panel discussion at the PCMS CIC 2014 conference. (For interest sake I am in my hotel room in Montreal writing this so I can be ready to publish it Tuesday morning and Scott is tearing down a trade show in Gatineau, and my mom is home with our kids!)

I’m both excited and terrified for this opportunity to speak tomorrow. I am incredibly shy and introverted so I find the networking portion of the event so challenging. It doesn’t help that I am a bit tired and run down but I tried to go to the opening ceremonies and I stayed and chatted for a little bit and I get so nervous that I can’t relax and enjoy all the great people who are here. I love the people who are fearless and can feel at home in any situation. I went for a quick walk to the drug store to grab some vitamin C and then came back to rest up I am trying to keep my anxiety at bay and not dwell on it too much. I got some great perspective from the little guy at home, he said “just do your talking thing Mommy and come home and watch Harry Potter with us”. In the big scheme of things it is really just an hour and a half but my God that seems like an eternity. Let’s hope it goes as well as the prep conference call we had and then I really can head home on the train to be home for dinner and homework and bath time.

The loves of my life



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