When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“And when she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid!”
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Some days it's just not fair
Some days it’s just not fair

This nursery rhyme verse has been running through my head since last week. When things go well they go SOOOOO good, but when they go bad they are just awful. I think we have all had those moments when it just doesn’t matter how hard you try it feels like for every step forward you try and take you end up taking two backwards instead.

Last week we were trying everything possible to have some time off during the holidays. We have a family tradition to do brunch either on New Year’s Day or the day before depending on schedules. We were working against the clock to make brunch at 11am on the 31st. We had a skeleton staff working as a result of the holidays so it was Scott, his dad and I, and our under aged employees (who weren’t as helpful as you would think).

Chase and Wayne (Scott’s dad) headed out on the 30th to try and get all the New Year’s deliveries done. Tables were delivered to one venue, and then they headed out to Kemptville to drop off for a special Sweet 16 party. After they had been gone for awhile I get a call, Wayne’s cell phone is dead and they are sort of lost. They have the address but it isn’t as straight forward as they thought and it wasn’t coming up on the GPS. I try my best to navigate them via Google while at my desk. Eventually they did get there and delivered the chairs and sparkly things for this New Year’s eve birthday bash.

After work I ran out to pickup some custom printing we had done for a special Captain’s Dinner the next day, I had to carefully cut out large life preservers on my kitchen floor while convincing my kids that playing with Mommy’s exacto knife was not a good idea. While in the midst of this I get a text that some uplights and a table top for the Kemptville order had been forgotten. I reply no worries, I will run it out first thing in the morning.

The next day, armed with an audio book for the 90 minute round trip trek to Kemptville I head out with everything loaded in my car. I believe firmly that if we have made a mistake we need to fix it for the client. There is no traffic, I make great time and I am back before 9:30. Just as we are wrapping up for the morning I get another text that a piece of pipe and drape had been forgotten. I swear you could probably hear my head thunk my desk. I guess we had been rushing and had missed it. Thankfully the client was incredibly understanding so I pack the car up (AGAIN) and head back out to Kemptville.

Luckily the client was coming in towards town so I was going to meet her in North Gower, except I get off the highway and go the wrong way and end up in Osgoode. For those of you not familiar with the Ottawa area the two places aren’t that far apart only about 11km, but going 11km the wrong way then having to go back the 11km sure adds up. By now I have run out of audio books and I am starting to randomly call people because I need to entertain myself.

Once I finally do end up in North Gower I am lost again, when I call for directions it turns out I was literally stopped across the street from our meeting point. I have no idea how I missed the signs, it just shows how rushed I was. Sometimes I feel like my head is too full and running too fast – does anyone else get that way?

The fun doesn’t stop there, I needed to renew both my driver’s license and health card both of which are set to expire the next day. I get to the Service Centre only to realize I forgot the necessary id. Thankfully the nice clerk helped me out and I had enough other pieces of ID to get everything taken care of.

My last stop of the morning (I have now missed most of brunch) is the liquor store, everyone knows this is the place to be on New Year’s Eve day. After fighting the crowds I do make the tail end of brunch and get to hang out with our extended family.

After all the excitement of the day I was beat, I’m not sure how I made it to midnight when all I wanted to do was pack it in around 6:30pm. Hopefully the New Year brings me more patience and a better memory.

Do these things ever happen to other people or is it just me? I find that when something starts to go bad it just spirals! I hope others can commiserate and I am not the only one who feels like they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off from time to time.


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