Who reads this blog anyways??

In my quest to find balance and challenge myself I registered for an online blogging course. I am not a writer by trade, far from it. What I have found since I started documenting my thoughts and experiences is that I really enjoy writing. I like the opportunity to share my point of view and have an outlet to share some of the ridiculous stuff I deal with regularly.

The current assignment was to write to my “dream reader”. So I thought about this, who would be the ideal reader for this blog and the answer is really it is anyone. Anyone who has had a crappy job and dealt with demanding customers, working moms who try and find some balance in their lives, reality TV show junkies (what makes better TV than weddings and family drama??) and mostly people who are thinking about trying something new and aren’t sure if they should go for it. With our business there is no halfway, we are all in and that is how we approach everything. If you are afraid that is okay, everybody is scared at some point. I remember trying to publish my first post I was terrified to click PUBLISH but I am so glad I did. The biggest joys and accomplishments often come when you have to put yourself out there.

I would like to hope that our little blogs makes people smile a little bit and maybe even chuckle. I am always flattered when people say they have taken a moment to read my weekly post. I have really developed a love of sharing what happens in our small family business. So to answer the question posed by the assignment in #Blogging101 my dream reader is you. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you come back again soon.


3 thoughts on “Who reads this blog anyways??

  1. I read your blogs all the time and really enjoy them. I cannot believe that the dream you and Scott had quite a long time ago has become so huge! So proud of you and Scotty. Ask him if he remembers the little “road trip” that he, Jason, Wayne and my husband took to the States quite a few years ago. Tell Scott that Gary retires on March 27th after 30 years at OC, maybe, in about 6 months when he adjusts to retirement (if I have not killed him), he can come and do deliveries for your business, lol, he would quit as soon as golf season started. We will be married 25 years on March 2nd, want to throw a party, maybe you guys can help. So proud of you, hope Chelsea was a good worker for you.

  2. I wasn’t afraid to write and publish my first post; but my first comment on someone else’s blog had my heart racing before I hit “Send”. The first time I got a comment, I cheered. The first follower had me dancing around the house 🙂

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