Crazy is as crazy does

Crazy is as crazy does

This week's "inspiration"
This week’s “inspiration”

Well, I am pretty happy to close the chapter on last week. With any business there are necessary evils and for us one of those is bridal shows. It is good business exposure but Holy Crap is it exhausting. Not just the show itself but leading up to it and then afterwards. There is a big show we usually do every January that gets a fantastic turnout of local brides, which was this past weekend.

No matter how far in advance we know the date, without fail we are always working on our show specials, booth layout  and other details until literally the last minute. I was super proud of us as we actually had handouts and giveaways done BEFORE the week of the event. I wasn’t waiting for stuff to arrive and frantically tracking the FEDEX man on my app.

What I was doing Tuesday was trying to dream up new backdrops for our booth. For those of you not familiar you get a 10×10 space with a fabric draping and then you have to transform it. We were trying to do something that would be easy and not involve us moving our entire showroom down to the show. We have done lots of different stuff in the past. Somehow I get this idea in my head that we should make a fabric wall (8’w x10’). Scott just rolled his eyes and left me to Pinterest and Google until my heart was content. I thought this would let us show lots of different linens both for texture and color. How hard could it be?

Off I run to the Dollarama to try and get some pieces to make a mock prototype to see if this idea is even feasible. I knew conceptually what I wanted to do but I had no idea how to physically build it. I bought artist canvas frames and thought maybe I could drill them together. I also got square cork boards that I figured I could nail/glue to something. So after a couple of not so successful attempts, we figure that attaching the cork to plywood will be the best option and we can build a 3 section type of screen. I then begin my hunt for the pieces. I hit 6 Dollaramas in the west end of our city and cleared them out of square cork. With my calculations I needed 96 square feet to create this masterpiece. It doesn’t sound like that much originally. I know feel like an upholstery pro after covering all those squares with various fabric swatches. I also apparently underestimated how labour intensive making fabric squares actually was.

My 6th and final Dollarama
My 6th and final Dollarama
There is no cork left in the west of Ottawa
There is no cork left in the west of Ottawa
It's a start
It’s a start
Laying out the vision
Laying out the vision

Why leave a brilliant idea like this to the last minute you ask? I meant to do it earlier and kept getting pulled off track my other TO DO items, so why not work like crazy to make an idea that may not work happen. Once I got it in my head I HAD to do it. Some times my ideas come faster under time pressures regardless of how late you have to work to finish it.

Now that we have all these fabric squares we realized you couldn’t nail them so each was individually glued on and held in place after creating a detailed grid for color placement. While assembling it one person would call out the pieces, i.e ”I need G4″ – it felt like we were trying to sink someone’s battleship.

A complicated puxxle
A complicated puzzle

Thanks to the resourcefulness of Scott and his dad, they managed to attach hinges and my creation held up. We finished just in time to put it on the truck to load to go to the show. I like to use every last minute possible. Literally, they loaded it just after noon to be at the show for a 1pm load in time.

It's standing on its own!
It’s standing on its own!

It turned out almost like I had envisioned, we have a couple of tweeks for the next show but we got some good feedback from the show about it being modern and contemporary which is what we were going for. I’m not sure if it was easier than what we had previously done and I may have forgotten to take in to account how to move 3 heavy 4’ x 8’ pieces of plywood that were attached, those minor details never figure in to my creative vision! I guess if you are crazy enough to think it up you should follow it through – sometimes it works out and sometimes you need to head back to the drawing board.

Finished product at the show
Finished product at the show

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