Assignment #1 – Blogging 201

Hello Blogging 201

I am slightly behind already, how is that possible when the class only started yesterday? I’ve been thinking about the assignment since yesterday. I realize the importance of setting goals, how else can you move forward or get anywhere? You need to know where you want to go in order to pick the right path.

I started writing this blog to add to our overall business brand. It was a way I could share my stories and experiences with our clients (both potential and existing). I wanted to show that we were real people. I know there are fabulous wedding blogs with dreamy pictures and how to’s, I could do that but it is not me or our company. I am truly overwhelmed by how well our blog has been received. It is fun to tell the stories about our events, it’s a little bit like reality tv.

Now that I have the basis for our blog, here is what my next steps are:

1. Add a feature page, something along the lines of a #ThrowbackThursdays or #WeddingWednesday, I am still working out the details. I would like to post to this a minimum of twice a month, moving hopefully to once a week as it progresses

2. Increase the dialogue on my blog. I would like to find a way to have people engage with my posts which would hopefully help me attract more followers

3. Find other places for people to read my work. I have discovered I really enjoying writing and would love to continue to branch out and maybe guest blog or provide content to other types of blogs about entrepreneurship, women in business, weddings, who knows! I can dream.


One thought on “Assignment #1 – Blogging 201

  1. We’re on the same boat. #3 seems really interesting! I’d love to know about how to start my own business. I’ve been tied to employment for more than 6 years and entrepreneurship is an idea that’s more than welcome!

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