A Playlist for My Week

I saw this recent writing challenge about summing up your week with a playlist that captured what you went through. Who doesn’t imagine their life set to a soundtrack so I thought I would give this a try. My kids are just getting in to music so it is now becoming a constant in our household. If last week could be summed up with 5 songs these ones seem to do it (explanation to follow).

Uptown Funk

Tough People Do

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy

She Works Hard for the Money

Mama Said Knock You Out 

Tis the season for trade shows to market our business. Last week was especially long and we actually had 2 different shows to participate in. The first one was completely new for us. It was a whole new market. We packed up and headed to the Shaw Centre to be part of a show that was completely new to us in every way. It was outside our comfort zone everything was different from our sales pitches to our outfits. It was a new market and new opportunities. Any time Scott doesn’t wear a golf shirt we are in unchartered waters.

Tough People Do
Following the Thursday trade show, which totally threw off the rest of the week, we were actually setting up the trade show hardware/booths for another event on the weekend. While we had 4 people out at the golf club setting up 3 of us stayed back at the shop. It may have been my finest juggling performance. From having my daughter with me to running around from Canadian Tire to the restaurant supply store, we somehow managed to fit it all in. I love the all hands on deck approach. I was in a training session with a great venue we partner with while my colleague ran to nursery to pick up my daughter so I could leave the meeting and make it to pick up my son at school, almost all simultaneously. I really appreciate that more and more people are working parents and are so understanding about needing to get places for our kids. I take it as a win that I was only 5 minutes late to get him. We may have worked until after 6pm Friday night but we pushed through and finished everything for the weekend.

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy
Saturday I got to help put together a great community event. This year Bruce House hosted the Wild West Kitchen Party, complete with s’mores cook out and mechanical bull. I worked all afternoon with the lead organizer and helped put the pieces together for the event. I even managed to make the last game of my son’s hockey tournament before heading back to actually enjoy the event with my friends. To see an event grow from discussions in a board room to a room full of people dancing it up and raising money for a local cause is just cool, I LOVE MY JOB!


She Works Hard for the Money
No time to rest while we are building our empire! After a late night clean up moving barrels and hay, I was right back at it Sunday morning heading out to a bridal show to promote our products and services. Trade shows are exhausting and being “on” can be draining. I found this show was rather energizing because I got to connect with some of our industry partners, and I think the future looks bright!! Nothing like planning for the future to put a spring in your step (and make the tear down go a little faster).

Mama Said Knock You Out
We have been struggling with our son encountering some bullying at school. Kids are just mean I guess. My mama bear instincts can come out in these moments. It is wrong to engage with a grade 2 child but don’t think I don’t have that momentary flash where you just want to knock some sense in to those mean girls.

The soundtrack to my days is constantly changing. Sometimes it feels like everything is on shuffle, which I guess is better than getting stuck on repeat!


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