Throw back to 2011

We have a lot of great things coming up in the next few months but with all this excitement I can get a little anxious. It’s at these time I need to look back and remind myself that I can tackle almost anything that is thrown at me. The particular wedding that I was thinking about has a very special place in my heart, it was a family wedding.

Cheers to the Bride & Groom
Cheers to the Bride & Groom

There were so many great things about this wedding not only was it for Scott’s cousin and his amazing wife-to-be (she also feeds my children’s birthday party obsession by photographing all the details as well as providing moral support and encouragement by proofing some of this blog!) but we also were first introduced to a spectacular local wedding venue and the owners of that property. The owners are now good friends and we are out at their place at least once a week during wedding season.

We had been working on this family wedding for a few months just sourcing all the pieces with the bride and groom. Since the venue was new they were able to bring in their own catering as well as all the other stuff (tent, tables, chairs, portable toilets, liquor license, etc.). Most people think by handling all these things themselves it will save their overall budget and be a lot cheaper. The truth of the matter is that at the end of the day it costs about the same, you just have more work to do by taking care of all the loose ends yourself and there is no fallback plan. Keep reading and you will see why this is important!

The venue was incredibly accommodating and we were able to deliver everything the day before and begin setup. It was a busy weekend for us, so we had a couple people out there working on little things like tying sashes and setting out the chairs. It turns out they had to leave early so when I showed up Saturday morning, it wasn’t done. I managed to move the tables, get the chairs laid out and all the bows tied. I was folding napkins up until the very last moment before I ran home to change clothes and get back there as a guest for the wedding. Thank God I didn’t get stopped for speeding, I think I made the 30 minute drive in half that time.

Family style seating
Family style seating

When we got back I met with the catering team, it turns out we hadn’t received some of the things they needed, I frantically call Scott who wasn’t yet out at the venue and he made an emergency stop in the small town before the farm venue to pick up additional cutlery. I sent Scott’s dad back in to town to get bread knives from the store. I have no idea how people did events before cell phones. Meanwhile my mother-in-law continued to put out name cards at each place setting. See we really do pull together as a family!

Picture perfect day
Picture perfect day
Name cards in place
Everything in it’s place

Somehow I became the point person for the catering team, which was not a problem, except that they were mostly French speaking. Thankfully they could understand my poor attempts to give direction in French. By the time I sat down to dinner I was dripping with sweat. I had to remember to enjoy everything as it was a perfect sunset reception and you could actually feel the love as both families came together.

We have used the stunning pictures from this wedding for a variety of promo shots, but it always makes me remember the little bit of chaos we had right before the actual event. I’m not sure if we ever told the bride and groom, I guess they will know the truth now! The key is that they didn’t see any of the extra “fun” and they just got to enjoy their day. They had enough to worry about with the limo getting lost on the way to the ceremony any ways, we didn’t need to tell them we didn’t have cutlery for dinner.


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