Empty Spaces in my Mind – Are there any??

So it has been an interesting week. I have been racking my brain for past stories or interesting anecdotes and I came up with NOTHING. I feel like my brain is mush. This is supposed to be our slow season, when we have time to plan, get organized and be reenergized for the start of a new event season. This has not been the case. It turns out we have been busier this “off season” than we thought. This is nothing to complain about I realize. I was speaking with an industry colleague and he was saying the same thing and helped put it in perspective:  if we aren’t busy trying to attract new business in our slow season there is no way we can be “busy” during our busy season.

One of our marketing pieces is an annual open house and product showcase. I feel this is a little bit like being pregnant, in the sense that you forget how much hard work goes in to the finished product. My mind seems to have blurred out the hours I need to invest to gett it together. This year will be our 6th annual show and every year I have the best intentions to start early and be super organized and not leave anything to the last minute, and what am I doing with 2 weeks to go? Scrambling and frantically trying to pull the pieces together.

I see how brides and grooms can feel completely overwhelmed and daunted by the task of planning an event, let alone the biggest day of their lives. We have a two day event happening the first weekend of March, the first day is for our industry colleagues and then the second day is open to the public. And my brain could potentially explode. It is a juggling act. We are trying to finish production of our new catalogue, coordinate with creative designer to produce a visual experience for the event, throw in catering, liquor license, and then the marketing. No wonder lately all I want to do is sit under my desk and curl in to a ball. (*Interesting fact: event planning made CareerCast list as being one of the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2015)

I have tried to take my own advice and break things down and tackle the most important elements and delegate other parts. I can’t even explain the anxiety this is causing me. My brain does not shut down and I feel that I am constantly making lists so I don’t forget the little pieces. It is easy to get caught up in the details, much like with a wedding, and lose sight of the big picture.

We are trying to deliver a new experience while building customer trust and a deeper relationship. We are inviting everyone to come to our space, an 8000 square foot warehouse in the west end of Ottawa, and show them new products. We have recently taken over the space next to us to add another 2500+ square feet which will be the design space. I am so incredibly grateful to the support of the local wedding planners and designers we work with. Over a dozen incredibly creative professionals are sharing their skills with us to showcase our product and their talents. It is going to be amazing to see how we transform a warehouse in to a boho chic inspired setting. I know it will all come together in the end, it’s just hard to imagine seeing as how I feel that all the pieces are floating around in my head.

Inspiration to guide our vision
Inspiration to guide our vision

I think that I could get my anxiety in check if all we had to focus on was this one show, but let’s be honest I never do only one thing at a time. We are entering a weekend with 2 wedding shows that are running at the exact same time but in two different cities  and then the next weekend I am running the show for a charity gala that I am a part of, once all that wraps I can focus solely on our open house – that gives me about 5 days. Deep down I know that somehow everything will get done, I need to say this to reassure myself. Though I have a feeling that my hair dresser will be getting a call to cover up some of the additional gray hairs that have snuck up on me during this process.


2 thoughts on “Empty Spaces in my Mind – Are there any??

  1. Wow, so proud of the both of you, you have grown this business so much. Lot’s of hard work. My husband is retiring after 30 years with OC Transpo on March 27th, maybe he can help his buddy Wayne do deliveries part-time, lol, he just needs a bit of golf money and gas for his Suziki Bandit 1200, just kidding, he will be fine, but if you need help, I bet he would be there. He can even drive a big bus!

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