Welcome to the Show

Another week, and I am a day late with my blog posting. I want to do justice to the life of an event planner and the biggest thing is that there is no ordinary day.

I am super excited for an event I have been asked to coordinate this week. The charity is one we have been involved with for a few years now. We have pushed the envelope and added lots of new elements to make this event different from previous years so the guests have a new experience. There have been hundreds of back and forth emails (I would like to say I am exaggerating but I actually so that I had over 600 emails about this event in my mail folder). It can be scary to try something new but you can’t get different results if you keep doing the same thing. I look forward to reporting back next week with photos of how our “Red is the New Black” gala benefitting Cystic Fibrosis came together, and the success it is bound to be! I can’t say too much to give away any surprises (I have been sworn to secrecy).

Red is the New Black
Red is the New Black

Not only do we have this annual gala but we are in the midst of preparing for our annual open house, which now feels like a bit of an extravaganza. All the little details are beginning to fall in to place but it is also crunch time. My to do list includes things like paint the bathroom, clean the carpets, drape the ceiling and hang Edison bulbs. Nothing like diversity in your job to keep you on your toes.

I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am of all the creative people who are participating. I use to try and come up with table designs alone but I am just not feeling creative enough these days. I think there comes a point when you need to pick your battles and then it is best to leave some things to the professionals. What is kind of worrying me is how many people will come. You can never control attendance at these things but we have been getting a great response (not something that should worry you) but what if they all show up?! I don’t want to disappoint people or have them feel they didn’t get something out of the show. Is it terrible to worry that there will be too many people??

I completely empathize with trade show organizers, they work so hard to pull vendors together and provide value to the people who come out. It is truly a feat in itself. Last weekend we were part of two shows, both very different, but good in their own ways. In Perth, we were part of the Bridal Show at Code’s Mill, this was geared towards brides who had already booked at the venue and were looking for specific pieces to finish their big days. If there hadn’t been a snow storm and the fact it took almost 2 hours to get there it probably would have gone smoother. We did have a good response from the couples who did make it out.

One of our Perth table displays
One of our Perth table displays


The other show, Tie the Knot Ottawa, was held at the Museum of Nature, a very unique venue in Ottawa. This was more of a boutique style trade show with multiple vendors in the each category. We have been swamped with inquiries and meetings since the show so I think it went really well. The hardest thing about a show is not the show itself but actually the load in and load out. And to be honest the load in is usually quick, you are excited and full of energy and can’t wait to meet new potential clients. But the load out is kind of like unpacking after you come home from vacation, it isn’t fun at all. Your feet are tired, you are kind of cranky and you just want to get out, and so do the other 40 or so vendors who are feeling the same as you. Depending on the loading dock accessibility sometimes there is a wait. Because of what we had to pack up and load we were near the end of the line to get out. The good news is that I did hit my daily step count from all the walking back and forth and I could forgo the gym trip this week.

Load out waiting game
Loud out waiting game


Let me know who out there wants to sign up for Mastermind Bootcamp, it’s a whole new exercise program. There is climbing up and down ladders in the warehouse (which isn’t air conditioned in the summer so you are guaranteed to sweat more) while carrying heavy linens, pushing and pulling heavy weird shaped objects, cardio bursts with running back and forth from end to end of the warehouse. It is really a full body workout! And this is why I love my job.



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