It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No it’s not Christmas, and no I am not celebrating the start of another wedding season like some of my Ottawa industry colleagues (I know it’s coming but I continue to remain in denial). What I was excited about and now exhausted from is my daughter’s birthday. No matter the self-induced anxiety and stress I feel as I plan for this annual “production” her glowing smile and excited twirling make it more than worth all the effort.

This year I tried to tone down my preparations and just focus on a few DIY projects for accents. The whole theme was to create an enchanted garden for her and her fairy princess friends. This is actually an easy theme especially with spring hopefully just around the corner. It would have been great if the weather cooperated to go outside but this time of year you can’t plan on outdoor events so I had to do my best to transform our house.

I decided to use flower themed décor pieces so I hunted through Pinterest for options that I felt I could realistically recreate in my own way. Though if you do look at my Pinterest board I do have a few amazing flower pieces that I loved but knew I couldn’t A. make them myself and B. afford to have them made. (I can dream!) The key to Pinterest is to know your skills and pick your battles. For example, I knew I could not make fairy wings so I turned to Amazon to purchase these but I figured I could handle making various paper flowers. I saved myself some headache and effort with these choices. Helpful planning tip: March is not the season when you will be easily able to find costume pieces, I was told by a couple of store clerks I should have planned ahead and bought them closer to Halloween – sadly, I’m just not that organized.

Once I figured out the products and where I could make them fit in my house it just took a little but of time to make everythinh. For the main room, I did these spiral flowers that I arranged in a loose ombre color palet to make a backdrop. I bought a package of 12×12 scrapbooking paper and set to work with my glue gun.

Spiral florals
Idea from Pinterest
Spiral flowers
My version of the spiral flowers behind Tinkerbell

For the kitchen ceiling I always try and do something different. In the past three years I have draped large panels of fabric over the ceiling, created a rain bow paper chain so what could I do this year?? I decided to create these hand dyed coffee filter flowers. I bought 5oo coffee filers from Dollarama and the proceeded to dip them individually in the various shades of pink dye I bought and it created a natural kind of look. I strung them as garland and then draped the ceiling with it.

Idea from Pinterest
My version of Pinterest filter flowers
Filter flowers close up

All the natural pieces came together and created a fairy inspired afternoon including a visit from Tinkerbell (thank you Official Princess Parties). I think it created a magical afternoon.

Fairy wings
Lace overlay
Lace detail on the snack table
Cupcakes by IzzyBizzyCakes
Floral crown
No fairy is complete without her floral crown

I know that to have a fantastic birthday party you don’t need all these crazy decorations or elaborate plans. I know it looks over the top, but this is one of the few times a year I get to be my own client and do exactly what I want which can be as much or as little as scheduling allows for. I don’t have to ask for permission or run decisions by a committee, I can just pick something and go for it. I love the creativity though it can be daunting. Like anyone who has planned an event knows too many options is actually worse than not enough choices.

I take it that it was a good time when our little fairy princess was asleep by 5pm exhausted and probably crashing from a sugar high! I am so happy that I can help create these special memories for her and that we can look back and smile about how crazy her mommy was (and is)!


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