There are very few things that can hold the attention of over 250 guests, to the point where you could hear a pin drop in the stone heritage building in Perth, Ontario on a Saturday evening in April. But one thing that can silence the room of this gala going group is good old fashioned BINGO. Deep down everyone loves bingo, it’s simple, it’s easy and the modern twist? It’s Black Tie Bingo! Get dressed up and support the local hospital foundation and you get a chance to win fabulous prizes. Now that’s my kind of event.

For the past four years we have been fortunate to be part of the planning process for this event and we get to work with the team from the hospital foundation as they develop their theme and vision. Each year they are trying to top what they have done in previous years and give the guests a new experience. Themes from past year have included Mardi Gras and a Captain’s Dinner. This year they were trying to capture a romantic old Hollywood Glam evening.

We got our own star on the walk of fame
We got our own star on the walk of fame

We started setting up on the Tuesday afternoon the week of the event. The event space is on the second floor of a heritage building. Sadly, the elevator was full of tables and I was impatient to get going so instead of waiting I began to hand bomb all the supplies up the stairs, after about 14 trips with heavy bins of glass charger plates, I realized I wouldn’t need to be going to the gym that night. WOW were my arms and thighs burning and I hadn’t even started to start install anything at this point. At the end of it I think I made about 27 trips up and down the stairs. I could see my speed slow down especially with the last few trips. I was dripping sweat and ready for a rest.

I began to drape the ceiling (only another 40 or so trips up and down the ladder) to soften the wood beams and begin to transform the space. We did a mix of lace and sequin in warm blush and rose gold colors. It’s so cool to see the pieces that were packed in Rubbermaid bins and plastic bags change a stone space in to a warm inviting gala. The battery on my pedometer stopped but I am confident I hit my daily step goal that afternoon, it’s no wonder I was sore the next morning.

Finished room
Finished room

There were a couple of trips back to Perth throughout the week as the vision took shape and tweaks need to be made. I love how the organizers collaborate with us and I am always open to making the vision better and love their input and I hope they realize how much we like working with them and truly believe it is a team effort. We are always honored when people ask us to be part of their event, whether it is a birthday party, wedding, gala or who knows. Every event is special and we just hope we can add a little something to it.

Congratulations to the team at the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation! I know the event just wrapped but I can’t wait to see what you have cooking for next year.

Arrangements by Apropos Florals

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