DIY Dilemmas

Thank goodness for safety pins. In the past few weeks I have run through my fair share of these nifty little things. I keep find them in my washer, my jean pockets and in my car. No matter how much product we have it never seems to be enough. Each year we spend money to bring in new product and to top up our stock. The problem is some of our pieces are specialty or unique colors. We don’t actually own every size linen in every color, it’s just not feasible. And another piece of shocking information, we don’t own an unlimited number of every piece of linen. There is actually a finite amount that we can keep in the warehouse and afford.

So now that I have crushed your hopes and dreams about Mastermind being this magical land of limitless linen let’s get on with the story.

In the past 3 weeks I have had to call on my inner Martha to make some incredible or near impossible things happen.

I have an Excel spreadsheet listing what I need to purchase in the coming weeks and the quantities. Ordering is a bit of a challenge, you don’t want to order too far out since numbers always change but you can’t leave it too close to the event date because things need to be made and you never know what manufacturers have in stock. And on top of that, mistakes happen. I was going back and forth with my contact on the West Coast about getting some chevron table runners to top up the ones I currently have in house. I take the responsibility that I wasn’t as clear as I should have been in my email communications. Instead of a simple grey chevron, they were going to send me grey sequin table runners. Not what the bride had envisioned for her rustic themed wedding. I visited or called every fabric store in Ottawa, and nothing even close to matching what I had. I am down to the wire it is now Friday and the wedding is Saturday. In a last ditch attempt I call our seamstress (AKA my mom) and bribe her with takeout Chinese and start to cut apart tablecloths and make table runners. We sewed the last runner just before midnight and I delivered them Saturday morning and the pictures were stunning. Thanks Mom for bailing me out.

Can you guess which ones I made and which ones the professionals made??
Can you guess which ones I made and which ones the professionals made??

Trends seem to come in cycles. We will see some colors that are incredibly popular and then not used again for weeks or months or even years. But then it seems that when they are popular we can’t keep them on the shelves. I have no idea why last weekend every single piece of silver linen went out. Even to the point where I was making chair covers. It was a less than ideal situation but thankfully table cloths are very versatile. Bring out my trusty safety pins and we craft 6 additional chair covers. You do what you do to make it happen. Nothing like a little DIY creativity. My guiding philosophy is to just go for it. It may take a couple of tries but I will figure it out in the end.

Tablecloth or chair cover? I'll never tell
Tablecloth or chair cover? I’ll never tell

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