Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

Have you ever wondered about the people behind your events? There are so many moving pieces and so much dedication required to put together any one event. The Ottawa event industry is so diverse, we wanted to highlight some of the many talented vendors in the region.


Name: Katie Balmer

Company: Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

Website: www.diefenbunker.ca

Sum up what you do in 5 words: Turn unique ideas into reality!

The one thing you couldn’t live without on event day: My team (and a huge bottle of water).

One piece of advice for your clients: Think outside the box. While our venue isn’t exactly traditional, there’s nothing we love more than taking a client’s creative vision and helping to make it a reality. We really encourage our clients to have fun with it!

Favorite trend: Themed weddings. Perhaps it’s because we’re such a unique site, but we’re definitely seeing a shift towards uniquely themed weddings and receptions. Guests are being encouraged to come in costume (whether it’s 1960’s retro, or Mad Max style), and the reception follows the theme – carnival games, photo opportunities, multimedia displays, and thematic food. There is a heavy focus on the overall experience and wowing guests.

Favorite event moment (big or small): A few years ago, we had a wedding that brought in a fire performer for entertainment between the ceremony and the reception. The performance took place on our helipad at dusk, which made it that much more beautiful and memorable.

Interesting little known fact about yourself: I’ve been enamored with event planning and entertaining from a very young age – I was one of those kids throwing 4- course dinner parties at 13 and begging to be involved in the planning of all family events.


Cafeteria - Valentine's Day 2013 Cafeteria Whisky Tasting 1

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