Barbara Ann Studios

Have you ever wondered about the people behind your events? There are so many moving pieces and so much dedication required to put together any one event. The Ottawa event industry is so diverse, we wanted to highlight some of the many talented vendors in the region.


Company: Barbara Ann Studios


Sum up what you do in 5 words: a magician with a camera

One thing I couldn’t live with on an event day: my watch

One piece of advice for your clients: the day after your wedding, both of you write down all the things you remember and cherish from your wedding. Seal it up with your fav bottle of wine. Open it on one of your anniversaries. You’d be surprised all the little things you forget.

Favourite trend: smaller guest lists makes for more intimate weddings

Favourite event moment: I ALWAYS watch (and photograph) the couple when their wedding party is signing the registry. There is always whispers of ‘you look amazing’ and ‘looks’ given during this quiet time for them. I love capturing these moments.

Interesting little known fact about yourself: I love six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Sidney Crosby (Penguins) grew up a few blocks away from me (and our mothers worked together), I went to high school with one of the Trailer Park Boys, and Cam Russell’s (Blackhawks) mother used to teach me. Basically, Cole Harbour rocks. Oh and our donairs are out of this world (Annapolie).

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Elegance Never Goes Out Of Style

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