Ashley Cottee Photography

Every event has moments that you would miss if they weren’t captured forever by a photograph. Check out this week’s profile to meet local photographers who help your memories last!

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Name: Ashley & Trevor Robinson

Company: Ashley Cottee Photography


Sum up what you do in 5 words: Capturing (special) moments to last generations

The one thing you couldn’t live without on event day: Beyond the obvious answer of camera equipment with spare batteries, etc., the “shot list” with the individual couple’s special requests…..and shoes, comfy shoes 🙂

One piece of advice for your clients: Whether they are our confirmed clients, or simply prospective ones, we always try to pass along the same advice we received before our own wedding. A colleague of Trevor’s gave the advice to take five minutes as a couple at some point during the wedding day and get away from everyone and let the fact sink in that you’re now a married couple and how momentous the day i

Favourite trend: Countless couples do a fair amount of wedding research via Pinterest. What is always enjoyable is when those couples want to try to incorporate a lost family tradition, start a new tradition of their own, or simply put their own unique touch to a tradition.

Favourite event moment (big or small): For weddings, whenever a couple honours you by asking you to be a part of their special day is a good feeling.

Ashley: During the visit of William & Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I attended the National War Memorial alongside my mother (who saw the first visit of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana) and grandmother (who saw the first visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip). With camera in tow I captured numerous images of the royal couple from within the crowd, only later realizing that in one of the images Catherine is looking directly at me.

Trevor: Being involved in large scale fundraising events even with the long (usually stressful) event hours it is the simple parts that mattered the most. Even with feeling like pulling out your hair and quitting, seeing a large scale event successfully raise countless thousands of dollars for local charities makes for a great moment, as does complete strangers saying “Thank-You.”

Interesting little known fact about yourself:

Ashley: While it isn’t public knowledge, I’m not shy of the fact that I have dyslexia. When I was younger I had a teacher tell my mother (in front of me) at a parent-teacher interview that I was “stupid and likely won’t finish high school.” Not only did I finish high school, I finished a certificate and two diploma programs in college AND turned a hobby & passion into a business!

Trevor: When I was younger I needed speech therapy (special education) for a speech impediment. Even with that and over two decades experience working events (typically behind the scenes) on many occasions I have played the role of Emcee or otherwise done public speaking engagements.



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