Chic Wedding Planners

For true love’s planned moments, it’s okay to bring in a professional to help! Let someone help you showcase the exquisite details of your day.CHIC_Logos_Wedding_Teal

Name: Julie Barake

Company: Chic Wedding Planners


Sum up what you do in 5 words: Creating Beautifully Tailored & Stylish Weddings

The one thing you couldn’t live without on event day: Definitely my iPhone! It’s almost always attached to me, and when it’s not, it’s because I’ve lost it somewhere during set up! 🙂

One piece of advice for your clients: We’ve got your back! Enjoy your day, live in the moment and we’ll take care of everything else.

Favorite trend: I’m in love with the spring trend now of Cherry Blossoms and mixing metals.

Favorite event moment (big or small): I love the grand reveal. When we show our clients the reception room so they can soak in all the hard work we’ve collectively put in. Seeing their reaction is definitely my favourite moment!

Interesting little known fact about yourself: I’m still a die hard ‘Friends’ fan and can narrate just about any episode!


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